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Pictures want to be kissed

, – von Mitchell, WJT

mitchel_wjtBilder wollen geküsst werden, denn sie haben ihr eigenes Begehren. Der Erfinder des Pictorial Turn, W.T.J. Mitchell spricht in einem Interview über Lacan und die Frage, was Bilder wollen.

You say that pictures have their own lives and their own desires. You are actually writing a book about the lives and loves of images. Its title will be What do pictures want? What do you think pictures want?

Pictures want to be kissed. But then the question is: What is a kiss? A kiss is a gesture of affection, but it is also something which is beyond affection: the desire to incorporate. It is like something cannibalistic: the wish to incorporate something into you or the wish to be taken in by something. Eating and being eaten. I think one of the constitutive desires that make pictures what they are is that they are designed to be taken in. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Cloning Terror

, – von Mitchell, WJT

mitchell_lectureCloning Terror: The War of Images from 9/11 to the Abu Ghraib Photographs

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